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** I recommend measuring your wrist before purchasing to make sure that it will fit. It is adjustable and will fit sizes 5.25-10 in. If this is too big or too small I would be happy to make you a custom version of it, just send me a message!**

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---Eɴcнαɴтed Well Creαтιoɴѕ---
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The Element of Fire is a powerful element representing transformational growth and deep purification. It can also symbolize desire, rebirth, passion and eternity. Though it can warmth and support life, it can reversely burn and destroy. Using the energy of fire can spark motivation and power when needed the most.

This bracelet can be used for healing when you're feeling depressed, uninspired, heavy or a lack of purpose. It helps by clarifying your goals and passions and providing you the spark you need to realize those dreams. The cherry quartz stone is supportive when you need courage and vitality to clarify your vision of your future.

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-------Aвoυт Tнe Eleмeɴтѕ-------
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This bracelet represents one of 5 elements that I have included in this collection. The five elements are air, water, earth, fire, and spirit and have been used for centuries across many cultures. They each hold their own sources of power and healing in order to create a well rounded and complete human experience. They are all necessary to our existence and can also fall out of balance. Use these pieces of jewelry to support your process of coming back to true soul alignment.

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❈ Cord: Linhasita Waxed Polyester
❈ Cryѕтαl: Cherry Quartz
❈ Beαdѕ: Brass

Enchanted Well Creations

Enchanted Well Creations holds the intention to serve others using crystal energy, intuitive design and pieces that inspire deep emotional healing.