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---Eɴcнαɴтed Well Creαтιoɴѕ---
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Roses are commonly known as the flower of love, while pink roses also represent sweetness and grace. This feminine flower give the energy of gentleness, appreciation, joy, thankfulness, and elegance. Pink roses are used more for an innocent and sweet love versus a passionate and sensual love with red roses.

Rose Quartz is also representative of love, both self and with others so the combination of these two elements will give you a boost to open your heart to the possibilities that await you. Wear these earrings when you want to heal your heart and increase the love flow in your life.

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-----------Cυѕтoм Pιeceѕ-----------
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If you see a piece of ours that you would like us to recreate or if you have a unique idea of your own, we would love to bring your vision to life. We would discuss the elements that you desire for your piece, I would create the piece, and then I would upload it for you on Etsy. You can head to our website ( for more examples of our work.

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❈ Cord: Linhasita Waxed Polyester
❈ Cryѕтαl: Rose Quartz
❈ Eαrwιre: Silver
❈ Packaging: Eco-Friendly or Reused

Enchanted Well Creations

Enchanted Well Creations holds the intention to serve others using crystal energy, intuitive design and pieces that inspire deep emotional healing.