Root Chakra Red Jasper Necklace

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Eɴcнαɴтed Well Creαтιoɴѕ
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The Root Chakra is located lowest on the body at the base of your spine and is the most grounding of the energy centers. It relates to survival, vitality, stability and security. If you work with this Red Jasper crystal necklace and balance your root chakra you will feel humble, grounded, stable, energetic, and be drawn to healthy eating.

Signs that you may need to clear this energy include feeling insecure, fearful, anxious, scattered and having low self esteem. Allow this crystal energy to assist you in your meditations and wear this talisman when you need an earthy and grounding energy to support you!

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Aвoυт Cнαĸrαѕ
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This chakra necklace is just one in a 7 piece chakra collection. Chakras are energy centers located throughout your body that affect your emotional and spiritual body. When they are balanced, you feel confident, heart-centered, grounded, connected to the Divine, able to speak your truth and so much more.

Checking in with your chakras daily allow you to feel where you need the most healing and clearing of any negative energies. You can clear your chakras using meditation, visualization, sage, selenite and anything that allows you to clear energy.

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❈ Cord: Linhasita Waxed Polyester
❈ Cryѕтαl: Red Jasper
❈ Beαdѕ: Brass

Enchanted Well Creations

Enchanted Well Creations holds the intention to serve others using crystal energy, intuitive design and pieces that inspire deep emotional healing.