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** I recommend measuring your wrist before purchasing to make sure that it will fit. It is adjustable and will fit sizes 6.5-10.5 in. If this is too big or too small I would be happy to make you a custom version of it, just send me a message!**

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---Eɴcнαɴтed Well Creαтιoɴѕ---
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The Element of Water represents emotion and life often associated with birth, flow, purification and change. Water is as vast and deep as the ocean creating waves of inspiration. It releases toxins from the body and cleanses the soul of that which no longer serves. It symbolizes death and rebirth and supports change with grace and trust.

This bracelet can be used for healing when you're feeling stuck, overwhelmed or distrustful. It can help bring more flow into your life and allow the Divine to guide you to where you need to go with surrender. The sodalite stone encourages this process by enhancing clarity, emotional balance and truth.

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-------Aвoυт Tнe Eleмeɴтѕ-------
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This bracelet represents one of 5 elements that I have included in this collection. The five elements are air, water, earth, fire, and spirit and have been used for centuries across many cultures. They each hold their own sources of power and healing in order to create a well rounded and complete human experience. They are all necessary to our existence and can also fall out of balance. Use these pieces of jewelry to support your process of coming back to true soul alignment.

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❈ Cord: Linhasita Waxed Polyester
❈ Cryѕтαl: Sodalite
❈ Beαdѕ: Brass

Enchanted Well Creations

Enchanted Well Creations holds the intention to serve others using crystal energy, intuitive design and pieces that inspire deep emotional healing.